Our Property Inventory Services

What is our service? Simply put our Inventory Services produces in-depth, detailed, impartial lettings industry reports including:

Inventory Reports

Tenancy Check-In Reports

Tenancy Check-Out Reports

Mid-Term Inspections

Energy Performance Certificates


An Inventory report is a legally binding document that provides a concise assessment of the condition and contents of a rental property before a tenancy commences. Landlords and tenants will have peace of mind as the Inventory enables fair and impartial decisions to be made over the return of deposits.

In the event of a deposit dispute, the Inventory report will be used by the TDS regulatory body as the most important source of factual evidence. It is therefore crucial that your inventory services are carried out by trained specialists such as Inventory Works.


Check-Out takes place on the last day of a tenancy, where we will carry out a thorough assessment of the property's current condition against the original Inventory and Check-In reports. Any discrepancies are immediately documented and reported to all parties concerned.

Our Check-Out service includes:

Any required cleaning or maintenance issues documented

Missing or additional items documented

Gas, electricity and water meter readings taken

Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors location and working condition

Supporting photographs including any defects

Keys documented and returned

Finalised report provided within 48 hours


Check-In takes place at the very start of a tenancy, where we will fully brief the tenant on the contents and condition of the property, whilst documenting any necessary updates to the Inventory report.

Our Check-In service includes:

A comprehensive set of colour photographs

Gas, electricity and water meter readings

Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors location and working condition

Keys fully documented & photographed

A full brief of the entire property with the tenant

A Schedule of Condition* signed by all parties

Finalised report provided within 48 hours

Check In

Mid Term Inspection

A Mid-Term Inspection, also known as an Interim Report or Property Check, can be carried out at any time during a tenancy to give peace of mind that the property is being maintained correctly. The condition and contents will be checked against the original inventory and check In reports and any discrepancies will be reported.

The interim assessment allows for any damages or issues to be dealt with accordingly, avoiding any surprises when the tenancy comes to an end and ensuring a smooth and simple Check Out procedure when the tenant vacates the property.